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Difference Between Generic Medicines and Branded Medicines:
A lower cost version of a brand-name drug which is chemically equivalent is called a generic drug. A generic version of a drug must have the same safety, strength, active ingredient, performance, quality, and usage directions. According to the FDA standard, a generic drug must have the same purity, quality, and strength to its brand-name version. To meet the FDA standard generic medicines are thoroughly tested. Keeping aside some misbelieves, generic drugs work the same way with the same amount of absorption in your body. Apart from their prime ingredient, all drugs are made containing some preservatives and base materials. Powders, liquid suspensions, gluten, color, gel are some of them. Those can differ in the size, color, and taste of the drug. A copied generic product might take the active ingredient of the brand product but its size and taste might be different. But according to the FDA law, its effectiveness and strength should be the same to its branded one. However, the Association is monitoring at a regular period for the standard sustenance. Therefore, you can take the generics with confidence. However, any alteration of dose and composition is totally subjected to doctor’s recommendation.

Reason We Get Generic Medicines at Lower Price:
As we have stated above that generic medicines must meet the FDA standard of quality, because the Association doesn’t permit any substandard quality medicine. About 4500 quality inspections are made every year sustaining their policy. Making a new drug through research is quite expensive. A manufacturer’s new product launching in the market deals with research, large-scale drug testing and its advertising and promotion. To reimburse the investment the drug control authority gives the patent right to its manufacturer when it comes first in the market. And at that time producing generic medicines with the same component is illegal. An average time of 12 years used to given to the patent holders for marketing their product with an exclusive right. After that period of time, the component comes in the open market and other companies are allowed to produce medicine from it. The generic medicine producing divisions needn’t look back because its efficacy has already been tested by its brand-name company. And for it, the companies save their investments to promote and advertise it further. Primary investment saving is the prime reason for the low cost of the generic medicines. Competition among the different generic medicine producing companies also help us to get them at a cheaper price. Some renowned brand-name firms are also involved in producing the generic medicines in their separate divisions. They produce both brand and generic products coming out with their generic names. When competition keeps the price down the patent-producers sell them in discount as their primary investment has been recovered during the patent period. Therefore, today generic medicines named with the reputed manufacturers are not a new one.

Word of Caution Regarding Online Purchase of Generic Medicines:
When you have decided to order Generic Viagra in the online stores, search among the medical sites for their different offers. Attractive discounts you can get on both branded and generic versions of the pill. To save your pocket, buy Generic Viagra in its generic versions. And here the customers’ review reveals that generic versions are not far behind in its efficacy than its branded versions. So, if you buy Generic Viagra from our web pharmacy store, you’ll get the genuine one at your doorstep. But from our side, we’ll suggest you check the authenticity of the store before doing any transaction with them, and also not dive for an absurd offer of any site. Check their shipping policy, terms, and conditions, legal validation in their home page. Also, check if there is any hidden cost. But our online pharmacy assures you relief from all these kind of speculations. Our company is determined to serve our customers the best. All terms and conditions are vividly described in our pages. By going through them you can make sure about our transparent business policy.

Male Impotency and Relationships:
Couples intimate lives often face troubles due to ED issues. Though most of the ED issues are related to physical dysfunction, many of them, mostly at present times, those are seen to be related to the psychological factors. Our sexual desire and orgasms are controlled by our brain because it rules over our sexual glands. Similarly, anxiety, fear, defensiveness, and miscommunication are destructive psychological forces those can take a confliction on your libido, for both a man and a woman; it acts as roadblocks to desire. Basically, when a man feels sexual stimulation then erection takes place. If the couple indulging them into foreplay, certain hormones and chemicals are released from their brain and the reproductive organ finds a signal to get erect. With that, the erectile tissues get adequate blood flow. And in erectile dysfunction problem, this total system finds an irregularity, considerably due to narrowing of arteries and leading to brisk blood flow. In this type of situation, Generic Viagra poses a great influence to reverse the condition. This drug is specially made for this purpose only. Moreover, with its result, the drug has established itself as a groovy competitor to the other drugs with the same type of component.

Men used to suffer in their intimate life with problems called erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. Around the world doctors’ used to face patients having such kind of issues. The problems may be related to their physical or psychological issues. Mental issues can be generally treated with proper counseling. But to solve the issues with medicine, Generic Viagra is the topmost remedial.

Best Medicines to Tackle Erectile Dysfunction:
For the treatment of erectile dysfunction, the most prescribed medicine in the market is Viagra, in both brand and generic forms. The prime ingredient of this medicine is Sildenafil Citrate. The other popular compositions found in the market are Tadalafil, Avanafil, and Vardenafil. The basic function of all these compositions is almost the same. Patients who need some stronger dose, doctors prescribe any of these component mixed up with Dapoxetine, Duloxetine or Fluoxetine. But the stronger dose should meet the patient’s sound health condition. By testing the efficacy and outcome of these medicines, Generic Viagra has been regarded as the most effective drug. Though our promoted medicines are very much effective still we suggest you consult a doctor before ordering any medicine, because he’ll judge your health the best. And for your mental issues related to intimacy, consult a psychological counselor for a tension-free relationship.

Customer Support at TimonRx:
Our website understands the customer needs. To guide and assist you the best we have our 24*7 helpline number. We also answer your emails for any kind of detailed query. Chat support is also providing from our side. We assure you about instant assistance from our side. Any kind of query related to dosage, products’ efficacy, its sustenance, price issues all is answerable to us for your satisfaction. For patients’ support, we arrange doctor’s consultation. And of course, it’s free of cost. There you can freely ask about your health-related queries to them. Our experienced customer helpdesk is always ready to answer you promptly to the best of their knowledge.

Warnings Regarding Use of Generic Medicines:
To buy Generic Viagra online, it is very much easy, and that is why the online medical stores are getting a good response. Here you can tally the prices the different brands of it and so as its price. If you want to buy the branded one, it is also here. Before placing the order of Generic Viagra in the online pharmacies you should concern some points for your benefit. One of them is their free shipping policy. Generally, patients can avail it by giving the order above certain amounts. It’ll help the customers who used to place their order in a full course of it. The second point about which the buyer needs to concern is the manufacturer of the product. If you are paying the right cost, you should deserve the genuine one from the manufacturer. If the company’s name appears unknown to you, make sure by watching the company’s website.  The payment mode is quite flexible and if you miss the order, their easy refund policy is there.

The online stores used to provide several kinds of discount offers with the ordering medicine. But on the web, you might also face some stores with whom you are not much familiar. If any this kind of pharmacy offers an attractive discount, try to know about the store along with their provided medicines also. The stores have the flexibility of debit/credit card payments. Wherever there are certain criteria, they’ll surely mention you prior your payments. The stores usually ship to a majority of countries around the world especially to the countries of Europe, mid-east countries, and India. To buy Generic Viagra online the stores are quite benevolent. Moreover, if you order the medicine of a certain amount as per our company’s terms, you can also avail their free-shipping services.

Best Price Assured:
Our online medical store is here to provide you Generic Viagra. However, you need to search a little for the price comparison, because in some cases price varies a lot in different stores for the generic one. But we assure you the best price among all of them. And before buying it, you must go through with the customers’ review of the product. Because those opinions will be very much worthy of you when you have decided to order Generic Viagra Online. Moreover, when you are giving an order of the product in the reputed online stores, you can make sure yourself that you deserve the right one for the price you have given. However, the best product with its best price is the primal policy of our company to stick in the market.

Ultimate Service:
Online medical pharmacies don’t bring any new aspect in these modern times. Rather the online pharmacies are promoting their branded and generic products with a good response. So, to buy Generic Viagra you need to search a little in the online stores. The leading online stores offer some extra benefits for their customers like customers’ feedback submitting, free doctor’s consultation and all the day customers’ helpline.

Our online pharmacy is here to provide you Generic Viagra. You might not get it at your nearby medical store, but here our online store is ready to serve you. With our express courier partners, we’ll reach your order directly at your doorstep within our assured time.

The drug Generic Viagra contains the inhibitor Sildenafil Citrate, which sometimes appears not suitable for some patients. For the beneficiary, some points are the patients need to take care of: Generic Viagra is made for male impotence only. Therefore, any recreational purpose usage of this drug or just for the arousal of sex from having this drug is not desirable. Fat-rich foods, alcohol, and smoking may reduce the effect of the drug. So, better avoid those habits. Patients with low blood pressure, liver disease, kidney disease must consult with a doctor before starting the course. If you are an aged person, consult your doctor for the proper dose. If you have a recent history (90 days) of heart attack or congestive heart failure, or if you have angina, tell your physician for the same. Patients with sickle cell disease or anemia may get a harmful effect by taking this drug.

To find the proper outcome from the drug you should not take heavy meals before this medicine. Our specialist doctors always suggest keeping a mental preparation along with the medicine to attain the best result from it. Generic Viagra proves its result best who have mental calmness and a strong desire of having a relationship.


Q1: Is Generic Viagra Safe for Women with Impotency?
No. Generic Viagra is a medicine prescribed for impotency in men. Male impotency and female impotency are very different. It is best to consult a doctor before taking any medicine for female impotency.

Q2: Where do I buy Generic Viagra Online?
TimonRx is a reputed website for all sorts of generic medicines including Generic Viagra. The medicines sold are of the best quality. The TimonRx adheres to the guidelines set by FDA and other medical authorities and thus is reliable.

Q3: Why should I consult a Doctor Before Consuming Generic Viagra?
There are many causes of impotency and some of these are simply psychological and cannot be cured with medicines and pills. It is best to consult a doctor to know whether you need medicines or counselling for your present health condition.

Q4: Are the free shipping facilities available for Generic Viagra reliable?
Yes, free shipping facilities available at TimonRx are completely reliable. These are available for bulk orders of medicines. The consignment will reach the desired address within the stipulated time period of 15 days.

Q5: What is the payment methods to buy generic medicines online?
There are multiple payment methods to buy medicines online. You can pay through net banking, card or even opt for cash on delivery option.